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Spreading of Ashes

Set your loved one free on an incredible and eternal journey.

The journey begins when the ashes are scattered on the international border shared by the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands in the heart of the Antilles Current (approximate location 18°23.3’ N, 064°47.2’ W), which travels west-north-west (past Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, The Bahamas, and Cuba), combines with the Florida Current turning north along the South East coast of the United States, becomes the Gulf Stream off of Cape Hatteras (North Carolina), moves north-east by Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket (Massachusetts), merges with the southbound Labrador Current, travels east-north-east across the Atlantic (possibly over the wreak of the TITANIC), and just before Europe, splits into two currents, a north-east bound North Atlantic Current and the south-east bound Portugal Current.

The North Atlantic Current continues north of Great Britain, combines with or breaks off to become the Shetland Current, Norwegian Current, East Greenland Current and finally becomes the Labrador Current. The Portugal Current continues past the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar), becomes the Canaries Current flowing past Morocco, down the West African coast, past Madeira Islands, Cape Verde Islands and the Canary Islands, and eventually becomes the North Atlantic Equatorial Current, which then westwardly crosses the Atlantic to South America. This current splits into two streams: the more southerly Caribbean Current, becoming the Yucatan Current, the Gulf Current and lastly, the Florida Current; and, the more northerly Antilles Current.

It is estimated that the inner loop currents take one year to make one complete circuit of the North Atlantic Ocean. Your loved one becomes eternal with the universe.