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Guest Comments


Thanks as always for a memorable journey, great sailing, great views, great food and great friends! What more could you ask for? More time!

Jon Christopher and Michele

Washington, D.C.

Thank you so much for making our 25th anniversary so special! We had a wonderful time that we will cherish forever.

Jack and Cheryl

Cincinnati, OH

What a way to spend a week! Wonderful sailing, terrific meals and great instruction. Quiet anchorages and a great trip itinerary by an experienced team. Thank you for a week of wonderful memories.

Mark and Cheryl

Northboro, MA

Thank you so much for our time on the water! I’m afraid all of the restaurants in Chicago are now ruined for me. Do accept dinner reservations? May your sails always be full….

Jon and Amy

Chicago, IL

Thank you for thinking to grind the morning coffee the night before, so we awoke only to its aroma; and for thinking to toast the walnuts for the banana pancakes, because they’re better that way. Thanks for the multi-part physics lesson explaining a sail and for the rope tricks. Thanks for the deep talks and the rat a tat patter …for showing us the caves and the baths and the porpoises and the turtles and the belted kingfisher and the “cartoonfish” and for letting me shout “boobies!!” when I saw the birds.

Thanks for giving my husband a lot to think about and also for all the comforts simple and lavish, the big and small kindnesses, and the gently (usually) rocking boat to love each other in. Thanks for being such a strong and relaxed partnership for us to watch and enjoy and learn from and as well for enjoying us and helping us bask and romp and play in our love. For laughing with us and especially at us. For being with us, and leaving us alone. And for the trees and the seas and the breeze.

Dan and Heidi

San Francisco, CA

Thanks for the great conversation, great food, great drinks, great snorkeling (especially the turtles and rays at Scott Bay), giving us space but not too much, sharing the history of these beautiful islands, and the photography tips (boy, did we need them). It is hard to believe how close you can feel to two people after knowing them for only a week. I believe that is a testament to the wonderful people you are, and the wonderful time you have shown us. We could not have chosen a better way to celebrate our anniversary.

Doug and Terri

Haddon Heights, NJ

We had the very best New Year’s ever. Every moment on this cruise was everything and more than we hoped for. Your boat was great, but you two made the trip fantastic. Thanks for a wonderful time, we will return.

Gary and Cathy

Kansas City, MO

Thanks so much for a fabulous vacation! This will be in our fondest memories forever-many, many laughs, great conversations and hours of Yahtzee!!!! Your knowledge of the sea, the islands and music and useless information is unparalleled. Hope to get together again!!!

Jan and Terry

Manhattan, NY

We probably weren’t the most exciting couple on board your beautiful “home”…but believe me, you can rate us as one of the most pleased. It was just the kind of escape we were looking for!! Thanks for letting Chris take the wheel, I love to see him doing what he loves to do. We enjoyed sharing your company and the wonderful way you both enable folks to feel so very comfortable.

Thanks for all – good health and continued success.

Chris and MaryAnn

Matawan, NJ

So much to enjoy…good weather, fair winds, wonderful food and a bar of infinite capacity. Plus good conversation, endless kindnesses, elegance, generosity of spirit, beautiful scenery, and for both of us much to admire in a truly skilled crew. And finally, and importantly, budding friendship which we hope will continue to grow. For a fantastic vacation, Greg and Barbara, our deepest thanks.

Deborah and Frank

Harrison, NY

We didn’t really know what to expect when we planned this trip…Joe and I wanted to find something that we would enjoy together but at the same time meet our different ideas of a vacation…not an easy task. This certainly exceeded our expectations and gave us both a chance to do what we like to do. We enjoyed the sailing, the nights, the food, the drinks and, of course, the great company. I can’t think of a better way to see this beautiful area. We even talked about getting into sailing back in Portsmouth. Thank you both for going to great lengths to make this week wonderful. Please look us up if you’re in our neck of the woods.

Joe and Alison

Portsmouth, NH

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for taking such exceptional care of my folks last week. They rang me the moment they got home and kept me on the phone for over an hour, raving about the trip, the boat, the food, the weather, and most importantly, about you guys. According to them both, it was “the best vacation they ever had.” Like it or not, I imagine that you will have repeat offenders in Deb and Frank! I appreciate your efforts in helping to make this a most wonderful gift to them. Best of luck with all of your future travels and endeavors.


Manager, Switzerland's America's Cup Challenge

We are so lucky to have met you at this transition time in our lives. You are our “fork in the road”! You have really opened up our options as to how to enjoy our retirement. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us. We now have some new goals! You are the perfect hosts.

Dick and Carol

San Diego, CA

As far as surprise honeymoons go, this was the best! We really enjoyed your boat and all the spots you took us to. I think you have made two new sailors because Dan and I are hooked! We will definitely be back. You guys are great.

Bethany and Dan

Hartford, CT